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The close relationship between economy and science in Bochum is one of its key strengths. The importance of knowledge transfer was recognised in the city at an early stage and led to the creation of countless networks and individual partnerships. As a result, establishments such as medlands.RUHR or the Horst Görtz Institut (HGI) promote innovation and are leading Bochum's economy into the future.

What is special about Bochum's economy is its diversity: the major businesses that operate here are from a wide variety of sectors. This is a healthy mix that lends the city vitality and stability. The export share of more than 50 percent highlights the advantages of Bochum's location and structure and is a sign of products that are in international demand.

The purposeful promotion of sectors with a promising future, such as health, production, IT security, geothermics and electromobility is paying off.

The commitment to continuous development lives from the very real exchange between economy and science. The Ruhr University Bochum and the five additional universities in the region undertake joint ventures with businesses and the authorities in countless facilities, networks and working groups. They also educate the young, who will be the ones to shape Bochum in the future.

Once it was coal mining that shaped Bochum, and nowadays the energy sector is still important to the Ruhr metropolis. Interdisciplinary research is carried out into sustainable energy generation and material efficiency at numerous institutes at the Ruhr University, Bochum University of Applied Sciences, and the Georg Agricola Technical University of Applied Sciences. The star attraction: Bochum's economy benefits directly from the results of various collaborations. Businesses and associations have recognised this and moved to Bochum. This is, for example, how Bochum has become an important city for geothermics.


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