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Bochum is a multifaceted conference city in the heart of the Ruhr metropolis. The easily accessible location, the great atmosphere and the wealth of cultural attractions all make Bochum an ideal location for your conferences, congresses and events.

Get to know Bochum as festival venue RUHR: different, creative, friendly – a city you can fall in love with. The hotel, catering and cultural industries have all developed in recent years and provide guests with a range of options to cater for every taste.

Around 4,000 hotel beds are ready to be filled. Accommodation is available to suit every need: from privately-run guest houses to well-known international hotel chains of all ratings and price categories. Privately rented rooms, bed and breakfasts, a hostel and a youth hostel are also available in the town centre to accommodate you.

If you require additional hotel beds, Bochum's central location means there are also plenty of accommodation options available in the surrounding towns. The Ruhr region as a whole offers a total of around 38,000 hotel beds. If you stay outside of Bochum, you can reach your event venue in Bochum by car or public transport within half an hour.

Bochum the city

Bochum has reinvented itself. From the thriving industrial city of the 19th century, Bochum has developed into a modern, scientific metropolis and a vital service provider location.

City of culture

The heart of the Ruhr metropolis is well-loved: Over the years, Bochum has become an attractive destination for visitors.

Economy and science

The close relationship between economy and science in Bochum is one of its key strengths.

Bochum is well connected

The Ruhr region's 5.2 million inhabitants make it the largest metropolitan area in Europe. The region's cities are in close proximity to each other and there is lively interaction between them.

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