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All metropolises have a particular area in which life is especially vibrant. In Berlin it is Kreuzberg, in London the East End and in the Ruhr region it is Bochum.

Nowhere can the character of the Ruhr area be experienced as acutely as in Bochum. The visible industrial past, the cultural diversity and its important place as a city of theatre and the performing arts form the new image of Bochum.

The town centre itself has no fewer than 40 stages and theatrical ensembles giving performances. This all makes Bochum a vital centre of the Ruhr metropolis.

We will be happy to help you create a suitable supporting programme for your conference or event. We wholeheartedly invite you to spend a wonderful time in Bochum.

Let us do the organising for you

  • City Tours
  • Guided walks
  • Themed tours (e.g. crime tours, architecture tours, costume tours, etc.)
  • Visits to Bochum's highlights, (e.g. Deutsches Bergbau-Museum (German mining museum), Jahrhunderthalle (centenary hall) etc.)
  • Sports activities (e.g. canoeing tours, themed cycling tours, etc.)
  • Evening attractions of every kind
  • Ticket sales for events in the region (concerts, musicals, theatre, etc.)

You can of course also book any of our other group tours for your conference. Be inspired by our sights and attractions

City tours

We not only offer an entertaining mix of experience and information, but also a variety of offers to guarantee an unforgettable time in Bochum - whether your tour is by bus, bike or a classic tour on foot!

Visiting museums

Thanks to its variety of museums and exhibition venues, Bochum is a great place for art lovers to visit and it offers plenty of opportunities to discover and marvel at its wealth of art. Bochum – a city that embraces aesthetics!

Evening programme

Bochum enjoys a very active theatre scene. Around 40 stages and theatrical ensembles are an essential component of the city’s cultural life.

For tickets, hotels, sightseeing tours or general information

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