Bermuda3Eck in Bochum, die legendäre Ausgehmeile im Ruhrgebiet

The heart of the Ruhr metropolis is well-loved: Over the years, Bochum has become an attractive destination for visitors. Visitors from all over Germany and around the world love the rich history, the unique cultural attractions and the intense sense of life that Bochum has to offer. The fact that there is always something going on in Bochum is shown not least by the increasing numbers of visitors who stay overnight.

The cultural life of the Ruhr metropolis is particularly exciting. Bochum lies at the heart of a region that has emerged as one of Europe's densest cultural landscapes with international events such as the Ruhr Triennial art festival. The town centre itself has no fewer than 40 stages and theatrical ensembles giving performances.

Highlights such as the Bochum Symphony Orchestra, Bochum Theatre or Starlight Express are worth a visit to the city alone. Then there are the big music and sporting events that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to Bochum every year.

If you want to discover more about the Ruhr region's industrial history then Bochum is the place for you. Museums such as the world renowned Deutsche Bergbau Museum and industrial monuments such as the Bochum Jahrhunderthalle centenary hall provide fascinating journeys into the past. This is something that Bochum has been particularly successful at over the past years. There are also many attraction such as the Bochum Museum of Art, Bochum Zoo and the Zeiss Planetarium.

This all goes to create a fascinating range of urban activities that continues to draw increasing numbers of visitors.


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