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From books to postcards, from DVDs to CDs and street maps: Here you'll find all there is to know about Bochum and the Ruhr area! more

Leisure map

Have fun in Bochum!

This map shows you not only the best cycle and walking tours, it also contains a wealth of attractive ideas for leisure activities, from golf to hang gliding. Bochum has much to offer!
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Walking map

The best trails and pathways

From the river valley to the "Hohe Mark" and the "Haard", the Ruhr area has some wonderful countryside for walkers and ramblers to explore. This folding plan in handy format guides you to the best trails and pathways.
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New series!

Bochum’s foremost landmarks, including Century Hall, the German Mining Museum, and the Planetarium in a unique series of postcards. For your holiday greetings or just to collect!
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Cycle map

Why go far afield when beauty is so close at hand?

These cycle tours will take you through breathtaking countryside, e.g., the picturesque Emscher or the area around Recklinghausen! With lots of tips and detailed maps.
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Street map

The practical navigator for Bochum

The reliable travel companion for your visit to Bochum. With this up-to-the-minute folding map you'll always be able to find your bearings in the city. It includes a map of the Ruhr area.
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