A leisurely ride through the Ruhr valley or a more sporty workout along a hilly route - both options are possible for cycling in Bochum. The city can be explored via the numerous cycle paths, which pass by surprising scenes of nature and imposing reminders of the city's industrial history.
Foto: Stefan Ziese

Ruhr Valley Cycle Route

Follow the Ruhr from its source in Winterberg to where it joins the Rhine in Duisburg. more...

Cycle tour - from Bochum city centre to Ruhr

This tour is ideal for a detour into Bochum city centre for cyclists taking the Ruhrtal cycle route.

Iron Ore Railway

This disused rail track is symbolic of the changing times: Once it brought iron ore to the blast furnaces of Bochumer Verein, today it’s a cycle path which gives you some fascinating glimpses of the city. more...
Fahrradfahren in Bochum, Radfahren im Ruhrgebiet

Cycle tour - Dahlhausen/Wattenscheid route

A highly stimulating tour, with numerous landscapes and sights to see en route. The variety of art, nature and technology along the route will invite you to stop and take a break.
Der Westpark an der Jahrhunderthalle lädt zum Entspannen ein.

Cycle tour - Bochum Centenary Hall route

This 18 kilometre tour shows the north of Bochum from its most beautiful side.

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