Husemannplatz with the Kortum Fountain


The Husemannplatz was named after the Member of the Reichtag Fritz Husemann.

A hero of the passive resistance movement, he died in a concentration camp in 1935. After the building of the District Court in 1863, many banks followed suit and moved into the area around the court building, where they are still found in large numbers today. A notable monument in the Husemannplatz is the central Kortum fountain created by the Swabian sculptor Karl Ulrich Nuß. It depicts a scene from the Jobsiade by Carl Arnold Kortum: with his rhyming couplets Kortum loved to poke fun at the petit-bourgeois society of the time. His verses and drawings are reminiscent of  those of W. Busch.



Husemannplatz with the Kortum Fountain
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