Ruhrtriennale in der Bochumer Jahrhunderthalle Bochum
Ruhrtriennale in der Jahrhunderthalle Bochum, Ruhrgebiet
Ruhrtriennale in der Bochumer Jahrhunderthalle

Historic buildings are a familiar backdrop for music, theatre, literature and dance – but the performances which take place at what is certainly the most unusual festival of culture in Europe are not in old castles, palaces or cathedrals.

At the Ruhrtriennale, the unique venues offered to international artists are mothballed machine shops, old collieries and coking plants which have contributed to our 150-year old industrial heritage.

These include the Bochum Centenary Hall built in 1903, which has many years as a gas power station for a steelworks behind it. As the central festival theatre for the Ruhrtriennale it now provides the space for artists from different genres to work creatively together. Every year from mid August to mid October the festival presents innovative creations in musical theatre, drama, dance, literature as well as classical music, jazz and pop.

Experience for yourself the unique flavour of the Ruhrtriennale – creating new sensations every time far beyond the borders of the our region.



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