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Weitmar Park with Castle Ruins and Sylvester Chapel

Schlopark Weitmar
Schlosspark Weitmar, Bochum
Schlopark Weitmar

Weitmar Castle Park takes you on a journey into the distant past.

According to documentary evidence a farm-house existed on this site as early as the 11th century which in the second half of the 15th century became the first Haus Weitmar manor. In 1592 Johann von Hasenkamp built a manor-house of Ruhr sandstone, the remains of which can still be seen today. The Sylvester Chapel also dates back to the 11th century. First documented in 1397, this building had a chequered history. After becoming a branch of the parent Catholic church in Bochum, it was transformed into a protestant house of worship in the wake of the Lutheran reformation. Sadly, both manor-house and Sylvester Chapel were badly damaged in an airraid in May 1943, which left only the outer walls standing. The ruins of the two buildings together with the ancient trees in the Castle Park evoke a very special atmosphere. Take a quiet walk through the Park – it’s a worthwhile destination, and not just for a children’s outing!

Due to storm Ela in 2014 we recommend to stay on public ways for your own safety.



Weitmar Park with Castle Ruins and Sylvester Chapel
Hattinger Strasse
D - 44795 Bochum


308, 318 – Public transport stop: Haus Weitmar
346, 354, 394 – Public transport stop: Haus Weitmar

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