Starlight Express
Starlight Express

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s STARLIGHT EXPRESS has been an all-out box-office success.

The musical tells a little boy’s dream of a big train race. The lovable steam engine Rusty races against Electra, the electric engine, and Greaseball, the diesel engine. Rusty loses his heart to the lovely first-class waggon Pearl.

What makes STARLIGHT EXPRESS so special is its unique choreography and elaborate costumes, some of them weighing as much as 18 kilograms. The actors, on roller skates, fly along the 250 metre long track, part of which goes through the auditorium, at speeds of up to 60 kmh. No wonder they call it the “fastest ever musical”.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s irresistible mix of pop, rock and blues interpreted by actors and orchestra, makes this a show to be definitely seen and heard. With more than 16 million visitors so far, STARLIGHT EXPRESS, which is only shown in Bochum, is the world’s most successful musical ever at a single location - recently honored by Guinness World Records.



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