Bochum's many wonders

Deutsches Bergbau-Museum

Bochum's musems bridge the gap between past and future, impressively documenting the city's industrial history. Not least among them is the German Mining Museum, the world's leading institution of its kind. At the same time, they make their own very special contribution to giving Bochum its current distinctive cultural profile.

Gaze out over Bochum from a shaft tower, then descend in a cage into the heart of the mine that once characterised this city. With over 400,000 visitors annually, the German Mining Museum is one of Germany's most successful museums and the leading example of its kind, worldwide. Alongside the 2.5-kilometre demonstration mine, the museum also houses an extensive above-ground exhibition and is a centre of research into mining and efficient cultural asset management.

Hannover Colliery Museum, the hallmark of which is a massive Malakow winding tower, also offers fascinating insights into industrial culture. One special attraction for children is the "Zeche Knirps" (Children's Mine). With its tunnels, shaft and pedal-operated winding engine, this children's mine has all the features of a real "pit". Be sure, also, to visit the nearby idyllic historic miners' community "Dahlhauser Heide", which was designed on the lines of a garden city.

Bochum Railway Museum is also unique. Germany's largest museum of its kind, it houses over 150 exhibits sure to fascinate railway buffs of all ages. Particular attractions such as a dining car from the legendary Orient Express and historic handling equipment are guaranteed to send visitors on a journey into the past.

Relics of past times can be found in the moated castle Haus Kemnade. Apart from the Ehrich East Asian Collection, Sparkasse Bochum's collection of objects illustrating the history of money and the Grumbt Collection of Musical Instruments, with some 1,700 exhibits, a visit to the Farmhouse Museum is well worthwhile. Yet Bochum has still more to offer: several small museums with a special charm of their own bring the city's history to life. Immerse yourself in the world of curiosities and rare objects in the School Museum, Telephone Museum or the Puzzleum.


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