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Bermuda3Eck in Bochum, die legendäre Ausgehmeile im Ruhrgebiet

Bochum has reinvented itself. From what was once a coal mining town, the city has developed into a key scientific centre and a city brimming with culture.

Industrial ruins have been transformed into thriving new spaces for leisure activities, art and culture. It is these that shape the image of a major, modern city, a city that combines a dynamic business ethic with a relaxed approach to life.

We hope we can show you, through this website, what it is that makes Bochum so special. At the same time, we hope it will serve as an invitation to visit us. We look forward to welcoming you to our city

An exciting city to visit

Bochum is well worth a visit, not least on account of its buzzing cultural scene, a whole host of performance spaces and a world-famous orchestra. The richness of its museums - which include the German Mining Museum and Bochum Art Museum - is the stuff of legend.

Added to this are the many and varied leisure opportunities, beautiful parks and, last but not least, the vibrant night-life to be enjoyed in Bochum's Bermuda Triangle district. The better you get to know this charming city in the heart of Germany's Ruhr region, the more we know you'll love it.

Bochum clears the stage

Leveraging from the city's tenure as European Capital of Culture 2010, the Festspielplatz RUHR definitively put itself on the map. Bochum is a city of culture with its own, distinct personality. more...

Bochum boasts exclusive appeal

Variety is the spice of life. Embark on a voyage of discovery through Bochum and, alongside the major attractions, experience the rich and diverse cultural scene to be explored here  - from renowned niche festivals such as FIDENA to brilliant fringe theatres, such as the prinz regent. more...

Bochum enjoys some leisure time

Your first visit to Bochum is certain to be a pleasant surprise. The city simply has so much to offer, including a wide and diverse range of leisure options with plenty of highlights, such as Bochum Zoo, Heveney Swimming and Leisure Centre and the Zeiss Planetarium. more...

Bochum's many wonders

Bochum's musems bridge the gap between past and future, impressively documenting the city's industrial history. Not least among them is the German Mining Museum, the world's leading institution of its kind. more...

Bochum thrives on change

Bochum has reinvented itself: the prosperous industrial city of the 19th century has grown into a modern scientific metropolis and a vibrant location for services. It is a city with a very unique character that combines an endearingly friendly nature with economic dynamism and contemporary culture. more...

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