Bochum boasts exclusive appeal

Variety is the spice of life. Embark on a voyage of discovery through Bochum and, alongside the major attractions, experience the rich and diverse cultural scene to be explored here - from renowned niche festivals such as FIDENA to brilliant fringe theatres, such as the prinz regent.

Bochum's cultural scene has many faces. Pay a visit to the FIDENA puppet theatre festival and you'll see one of the most entertaining spectacles. For over 50 years now, Europe's oldest and most important festival for this form of theatre has been based in the city, its highly imaginative shows, in which people and puppets interact, transporting audiences into a world of figures, forms and shadows.

Just as unique, but in a completely different way, is Varieté et cetera. What was once Germany's only travelling variety tent theatre is now a permanent fixture here in Bochum. Since 1999, there has been something new to enjoy every evening, the company's riotous mix of entertainment and daredevil antics ensuring that top quality, varied entertainment is guaranteed at all times. In September 2011, Varieté et cetera opened its new theatre and now stages its shows in a heady, stylish ambience.

The prinz regent theatre enjoys nationwide fame. This free speech and music theatre never fails to impress with its contemporary and experimental pieces and for years now has ranked among the leading fringe venues in the region. The prinz regent places particular emphasis on staging shows designed for younger audiences that deal with the issues of the day.

Go on, embark on a voyage of discovery - to visit the "Theater der Gezeiten" (Theatre of the Tides), for example, the "Zauberkasten" (Magician's Box Theatre), ROTTSTR5 or Thealozzi Cultural Centre. Wherever you end up, you're sure to enjoy an unforgettable evening, taking in a special performance in an unusual setting.


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