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Competition between cities has led to a certain interchangeability between the traditional factors that influence a choice of location. When it comes to marketing to attract investments, tourists and new citizens, Bochum therefore plays on its greatest strength: itself.

With fascinating past during the industrial age, Bochum is now transforming into a major city for business, science, education and culture with a unique, endearing character. By founding Bochum Marketing GmbH in 2001, local authorities and businesses entered into a collaboration based on trust and assumed responsibility for this important task. As a dynamic company, Bochum Marketing engages in dialogue with the city's citizens, businesses and the public sector to pursue the targeted development of Bochum and implement suitable marketing strategies.


The Tourism team plays a crucial role in ensuring that visitors to Bochum feel completely at ease and are keen to revisit.

City Marketing

The City Marketing team is dedicated to positioning Bochum more clearly in the region as a city of culture and shopping.

Events Management

The Events Management team is responsible for planning, organising and running small and large-scale events to attract visitors to Bochum's centre and its individual districts.


The Communication team is responsible for ensuring that the work of the other departments at Bochum Marketing is heard both inside and outside the city.

City tours

Tours and group offers with a special view: We not only offer an entertaining mix of experience and information, but also a variety of offers to guarantee an unforgettable time in Bochum - whether your tour is by bus, cycle or a classic tour on foot!

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